Ethical issues In Business Management

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Shankar Jha



 Ethical issues is a problem (issues) or a situation which requires a business organization or a person to select the choices that have to be examined as a ethical (right) or unethical (wrong) ways. The ethical issues needed full of ideas, reflection, understanding, logical thinking thoughts, and a great planning to be resolved in unfolded solutions. The utmost basic and necessary ethical issues in business management are confronting of integrity (honesty) and trust. The fundamental concept of honesty includes the understanding of managing and regulating and run the business affairs with righteousness, promises, and commitments to handle each stakeholders fairly and reasonably. The ethical issues in business management have often been synchronized and coincided. Also the kinds and measures have been replaced in the current global business scenario. Moreover, the digitalization and globalization of business management has changed the ethical issues and also stressed as an indication and confirmation by the broadening of the issues and grievances. In the changing global business scenario, now-a-days business management becomes more complicated, at the same time, a numerous of ethical issues have emerged concurrently. Hence, an extensive considerate of ethical issues and precognitive of alleviate alternatives is needed, so accordingly for these analyses, consequences have been attempted. Earlier, the perception of the ethical issues in business management had linked to the administrative rules and regulations in the business organizations. But currently ethical issues are inconsistent in nature, for instance, employee’s rights issues and professional ethics. Today’s business environment, the ethical issues like honesty, fairness, and justice are the important and main issues that are constituting a complicated dilemma and impasse to the business management. Some of the ethical issues in business management are diversity issues; decision-making issues; compliance and grievance issues; health and safety issues; social networking ethics; harassment and discrimination in the work place; social media rants; ethics in accounting practices; whistleblowing; non-disclosure and corporate espionage; toxic work place culture; technology and privacy practices; questionable use of company technology; unethical leadership; and conflicting goals, etc. The objective of this research paper is to study the various aspects of ethical issues in business management and provide a way of resolving them.


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